This is Alessandro Marino's Home Page
Associate Professor at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
and member of the LaiRobotic group

Research Interest
My research interest is focused on autonomous systems and robotics. The main challenge is to have robotic systems to autonomously and efficiently accomplish tasks in unstructured environments. This goal becomes even more complex when several robotic units are deployed in a common environment and they need to thightly cooperate. Multi-robot systems raise many challenges. My research interests maily consist in designing and testing decentralized control and coordination algorithms taking into consideration communication or sensing constraints and, in general, limited information availability and constrained resources.
Keywords: Multi-robot systems, Distributed control, Fault Detection and Isolation, Cooperative Control and Estimation, Trajectory Planning, Coverage and Sampling, Patrolling, Calibration, Cooperative Manipulation, Ground Robotics, Marine Robotics.

Latest News
  • [01/12/2020] I am in the Board of Administrators of Everybotics Srl.
  • [29/09/2020] The H2020 project CANOPIESA Collaborative Paradigm for Human Workers and Multi-Robot Teams in Precision Agriculture Systems whose I am the local Principal Investigator has been funded within the last European H2020-ICT-46 call.
  • [01/10/2018] I moved to University of Cassino as Associate Professor to join the LaiRobotic group .
  • [23/05/2018] I have been awarded the Best Associate Editor Award at ICRA 2018.
  • [01/03/2018] The project LABOR that I contributed to write and of which I am the local Principal Investigator has officially started. Stay tuned.
  • [27/12/2017] My proposal for a PhD grant has been funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research with a score of 100/100 (N.2-DOT1328209 in the list).
  • [08/12/2017] I have been appointed IEEE Senior Member.
  • [21/09/2017] The H2020 proposal Lean robotized AssemBly and cOntrol of composite aeRostructures (LABOR) written with University of Campania and Loccioni has been funded.